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Monday september 14th @ Le Barlok
Start 21h – on donation

* La Casa Fantom *
(hardcore / experimental – Norway)
La Casa Fantom is a noisy duo from the forest of Norway.
Since 2000 they have been bugging the conservative with a medieval something-core across 30 different countries in Europe spread out on more than 550 concerts and a bunch of vinyls.

* Parve *
(doom / experimental – Israël)
Parve is a poststonergrungedowntempononmelodicdroneconcept duo from Jerusalem, Israël.
Their music is a jucy blend of sludge, noise, stoner, drone, improv, shamanism and fear of technology inspired by the cat Moog.
Parve speaks in fake french about daily issues, such as love, death and religion.

* Mimi Kawouin *
(circuit-bending / experimental – France)
Mimi Kawouin brings a refreshing sound beverage of improvisational groovy nuttiness.
With the charming greetings of a welcoming visit to the famous street of Sesame, Mimi shows he has a sweet side.
Mimi invites us deep down in a damp sounding trash can in which a delicious setup of blended circuits is gathered along the walls.
Mimi plugs them into the electrics and showcases a fairly friendly rythmic wonder world that get the shoulders unblocked in swinging swings to follow up in the funky nutty grooves.

+ Alcohol free bar & small distro

Be kind, no bullshit please (racism, sexism, whatever inappropirate hatred behaviour)
Don’t act stupid if you don’t wanna get kicked out.

Le Barlok, avenue du port 53, 1000 Bruss’Hells

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Artwork by Misanthropie :

Next events :
* october 3rd : Bitchcraft party @ Le Barlok / Concerts, DJ’s, VJ’s, performances, screenings & many more…
* october 30th : Assloween @ Bokal Royal 123 with Nothing Lasts, Lawine, Badaboum & Killtura. Special horror theme & deco.
* november 20th : ECM @ Le Barlok (with Pute Acier)
* december 19th : Guik’s vegan wurtzprise party

See you soon bitches !




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* Lundi 14 septembre : LA CASA FANTOM (experimental hardcore – Norvège) + GUEST // Le Barlok

* Samedi 3 octobre : BITCHCRAFT PARTY !!! // Le Barlok
Line-up en préparation (performances, concerts, expos, projections, distro, dj’s, bar sans alcool etc…)

* Vendredi 30 octobre : NOTHING LASTS (hardcore – France) + GUEST // Le Bokal Royal (123)

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Bel été !

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Sirop de biches en kraft
– QueerPunk Fest –

Vendredi dix-sept juillet deux mille quinze
À partir de quatorze heures
Le Barlok – Prix libre

Iron (swe)
Sex positive, queer, vegan straight and vehemently anti-capitalist hardcore.

La Fêlure – Carnets de bal d’une courtisane
(Performance – France)
2015 : 40 ans après la “révolution des prostituées”, la compagnie La Fêlure s’empare des textes d’une des figures charismatiques des mobilisations de 1975. Grisélidis Réal conçoit la prostitution comme un acte révolutionnaire et non une déchéance sociale. À travers sa voix, la fêlure ouvre le débat. Alors que la parole des travailleuses du sexe reste le plus souvent étouffée, comment cet engagement continue-t-il de résonner pour nous aujourd’hui ?

Ztratila Se Kocka
Strange darkhordeon, screams, singing, text. Solo project with an accordeon, live in streets and more louder on stage. Speaking about streets, travel, squat, life…

+ more !

Vegan food
Juice bar
Screen printing

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Bitchcraft & Les Sirops de Salopes 2015
Artwork by Misanthropie (

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