bons baisers du camping
Monday september 14th, Bitchcraft collective comes back from holidays at Le Barlok !

La Casa Fantom (hardcore/expe – Norway)
La Casa Fantom is a noisy little duo from the forest of Norway, and since the year 2000 they’ve been bugging the conservative with a medieval something-core across 30 different countries in Europe spread out on more than 550 concerts during countless tours and a bunch of vinyls.

Mimi Kawouin (circuit bending/expe – France)
Costume + Vocals + Bent Toys + DIY Electronics = Messy Funny Impro Project

Parve (Doom/expe – Israël)
Parve are Yaniv Schonfeld [Bb guitar] & Tomer Damsky [drums, vocals], a poststonergrungedowntempononmelodicdroneconcept duo from JLM, Israhell. Their music is a jewcy blend of sludge, noise, stoner, drone, improv, shamanism and fear of technology inspired by the cat moog. Parve screech in fake french about daily issues, such as love, death and religion.

monday september 14th – start 21h
Le Barlok (avenue du port 53 – 1000 Brussels)
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See you soon bitches !

bons baisers du camping dos

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