october 3rd @ le Barlok
start 21h – on donation

* Valeskja Valcav *
(electro/expe – FR)
A foggy atmosphere, crossed by distant electronic waves and foghorns, mingling with bewitching guitar melodies and hauntingly voices. Sailing through music from cold wave to heavy electro beats or ritualistic experiments, let yourself go with the flow. Walking on the edge between cold industrial sounds and intimate tender soundscapes. A confusingly pleasant experiment that takes you on a psychological and physical journey. This music transports and captivates you while beating you with velvet hammers.

* Psychic Waves *
(post punk/cold wave – FR)
This young french band practiced and experimented in many gigs around the prolific city of Amiens. Discover them for their first show in Belgium, in a thunder of perfectly controlled but exacerbated riffs. Punk energy distilled with melancoly, delivering a great alchemy we’ve all been looking for. The smell of warm beer diluting with rain on the floor, bodies desperately gripping to each other and salty tears running down your mouth. Sincere emotions that stuck you to the front row until the end of their gig.

* Paralympics *
(female fronted punk-rock – NL)
Manu, Ruben and Patch have all been playing music in many cool bands like Frankenberries, Katapneu or Teenage Tourette’s camp. They recently gathered their universes and talents to create this powerful disabled creature. Passionate and driven by the heart but never going mushy. Thoughtfully agressive, this is no useless nor aimless rage but a true passion to stand for important things. Meet these awesome people, ready to rip you with love, sweat and values.

* Madame Patate *
(DJ set – BE)
Madame Patate is a paradox, a walking contradiction of uncommon sense.
Her personal creations are unique pieces of tender experimentations through childhood and fragility, This magician takes you in a walk through incredible lands between dreams and awakeness, where body and mind start to completely let go in a foggy synesthesia.
On the other hand, she’s a crazy artist expressing her freedom in performances where body and food violently meet, organizing playful and subversive events with the GuiLux(e) collective or offering ufo-esque dj sets where she creates surprising mash-ups of universes.
She will be djing that night, so get ready for the russian roulette, everything is possible and the only rule is to make you dance until you collapse.

* Tzii *
(DJ set – BE)
Since 1996 Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magical frequencies all over the world, where he played hundreds of shows.
« A mountain of multiple figures » as defined by NYX…
His work explores infinite different worlds and expressions, from noise to performance or collective creations. One thing always remains in his works : they’re impossible to fit in any box.
His dj set will take you to dirty paradises you never expected in your craziest dreams but watch the step, because it might be unpredictable !

* NYX *
(VJ set – GER)
Liina Nilsson is a proteiform video artist who creates stories that are beyond any vj set you’ve ever seen.
Independent and self-taught, she’s constantly exploring and experimenting with her video material.
Far away from strict polished aestetics, NYX’s works allow themselves to float through every layers of visual expression. These infinite possibilities lead to intense pieces about various emotions and topics but all of them feel deeply true and sincere.
Between an incredible amount of different collective projects, she’s been working with Tzii on 4 hands creations where both of them switch from music to films. Sound and image tightly combine and melt together into complete pieces that cleverly tease almost all your senses.
Fasten your seatbelts, unleash your minds and get ready for whatever happens.

* Larsens *
(screenings – BE)
Larsens will be presenting a cutting-edge selection of films that focus on topics like transgender identities, queer struggles, playful video languages out of the heteronormative norms as well as real life testimonies and many more interesting subjects.
A presentation the filmmakers and their movies will be added very soon.

* Dr Black Satin *
(video – FR)
Dr Black Satin is a Belgian creature who recently moved in France. Very involved in the D.I.Y. scene and always pushing her creations further by constantly learning techniques, she will be screening some of her 8mm videos during the event.
Her universe is a weird mix of punk, post-porn, militancy, fetish, misandry, provocation, humour, anger, old-school tapes and fake bling-bling… Thoughtful but always breaking the rules, the scenario and the ideas are getting violently distorted and twisted by the visual expression.

* Divine Putain *
(performance – FR)
Formerly performing in Shibari Circus, Divine Putain will show his new project which has been already featured in AJ Dirtystein’s next movie Pagan Variations.
Let’s keep it a bit secret for now, but be sure this will be a very intense moment, full of laugh and violence, sex and bad taste, bondage and hardcore poetry.
To be sure he won’t be dangerous to the audience, we decided to lock him up in a cage.
So come if you dare, vomit if you care. And don’t bring your children, just eat them.

* Tchivett *
(performance – GER)
Desire and disgust are tightly linked. And stimulated by various parameters which are completely different from one person to another. What makes me horny can make you vomit.
Destroying the codes of beauty and questioning our own twisted fantasies, Tchivett will rise from the dead and offer you one last dance that will haunt your erotic dreams and nightmares for the next decade.
Your own hidden desires makes you think you’re a freak ? Let’s all celebrate our inner lust monsters then !


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Le Barlok : avenue du port 53 – 1000 Bruss’Hells

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More than 11 artists or bands invited for the occasion, coming all the way from Amsterdam, Berlin, France and many other places, specially for the event.
The money from the entrance is equally splitted between them all at the end of the night.
So PLEASE be generous at the donation if you can, that’s the easier way of showing respect to the people working hard to give you unforgettable nights of pleasure !

We’re trying to stop using social medias to promote our events, as we obviously don’t share the same values with these compagnies and we don’t want to support them in any way. Nor to reinforce their awful supremacy on so many things around us.
Still we want people to get the informations about our activities, to come have fun with us, and support the artists who we invite.
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Artwork by Cancer & Misanthropie, extract from a book in progress

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