What is LQSC? The London Queer Social Centre is a squatted, volunteer-run, non-commercial project intended to provide a large free-to-use space available to queer/activist/liberation/radical and local communities to organise, network, share ideas, relax and have fun. It may be worth noting that although LQSC is not alcohol-oriented we do not have a dry space policy – alcohol may be brought in and around the space at any time.

What’s on offer? We’re currently without a home and planning the next phase of the project. So we’re not currently operating a social centre space – but stay tuned…

In the meantime we’re posting articles and links on the blog, and looking for new people to get involved. Fancy running a book group? Starting a hide-and-seek club? Doing a talk? Just drop us an email explaining your idea to

Why a ‘queer’ social centre? Why not just a social centre for everybody? LQSC does welcome everybody, the impetus for this project was the observation that there are very few places and opportunities for queer people to meet up and organise around issues that specifically affect queer people. We seek to provide a non-commercial, non alcohol-orientated space for that to happen but in addition, we welcome and hope to engage with, anybody who has an interest in our ethos or what is going on.

Can I get involved? Sure! LQSC seeks to blur the line between service provider and service user. We’ll soon be running open organisational meetings towards the next phase of the project, and we’d love to see you there; keep checking the blog and social media for updates.

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